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Annual Rebate Rewards Program

DABOS Is A Newly Launched Website That Is Destined To Be The Home For All Scientists And Innovators.

We are inviting you and your organization to become members of our DABOS Annual Rebate Rewards Program, (“DAR”). This offer is limited and is only being offered to the first 5,000 registered users for free and these offers are being accepted quickly. The primary benefit of this program is that each member receives an annual rebate of 3% on all purchases made in one year, which can be used on any new purchases in the following year on our website,

As an additional incentive to earn your business, we are offering the first 2,000 registered users a bonus 2% rebate for the first year's purchases. By being part of the first 2,000 registered users, you and your organization receive a total of 5% rebate on any and all your purchases you make during your first year with us.

You will also be automatically enrolled into, at no cost to you, our "Professional Pricing Plan" which includes:

  • Invitations to private sales
  • Wholesale pricing for products not normally sold in bulk
  • Customized discounts for products that you regularly buy
  • Other budget saving tools
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